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10 Commandments of R/C Flying
 1. Thou shalt announceth thine take-offs and landings. Sayeth loud, sayeth proud.

2. The best part about hot dogging is that you will sooneth be flying a brand new model.

3. As a pilot, thou dost always be learning. But thou chooseth if doth learn the easy way or the hard way.

4. Thou shalt not assume that the wind at cruising altitude is the same as at ground level. Because it shalt not be.

5. Thou shalt use a spotter. They are called spotters because they spot stuff beforeth you do.

6. Thou shalt not do stall landings. Stall landings are for noobs. Do not be a noob.

7. If thou crashest, assumeth it is the pilot’s fault until proven innocent.

8. Assumeth that you can lose power at any time. Because thou shalt.

9. Thou shalt not fly if thee are filled with doubt.

10. It is better to upgrade thy pilot’s skills than to upgrade thy model.