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RC airplane crashes

- when it all goes horribly wrong!

Oops!! Maybe this isn't the best way to promote the hobby of rc airplanes and radio control flying, but sadly things do go wrong now and again and so it's only fair to dedicate a page of this website to the fallen.

Even though I have taken some flak, in the past, for putting this page up and publicising this aspect of the hobby, it's my true belief that newcomers to the hobby should be made aware of the risks. Why hide the fact that rc planes crash sometimes??

RC airplane crashes are all part of the hobby, and you need to write off a few planes now and again - it makes you a better rc pilot (so I've heard...).

If you have any photos of crashed rc airplanes that you think should be shown on the RC Airplane World Hall of Shame, then send 'em in! Maybe we can all learn a thing or two from each other!
And thanks to everyone who has shared their shame :-)

So, without further ado, here are some 'nasty moments' from the world of rc flying...

A soft field saves the day

Mark Grubbs' plane saved by a very soft field!

Pyrotechnics flight goes bad

This ME109 aerial display sequence comes from Orban Pyrotechnics & Models of Hungary.

Now that's what I call a crash!

This spectacular scene of destruction comes from Fremont Flyers of Fremont, New Hampshire.

RC airplane crash photos

Above 3 photos from North Down Model Aircraft Club, Northern Ireland.

RC airplane crash photos

Above 3 photos all from Bay City Flyers, Florida.

RC plane crashes RC plane crashes RC plane crashes

Above left two from Valley Forge Signal Seekers, PA. Above right from EMRC, PA.

RC plane crashes

Above 3 photos from EMRC, Pennsylvania.

RC plane crashes

Above left from Plymouth Helis, Devon, UK. Above right two from EMRC.

RC plane crashes RC plane crashes RC plane crashes

Above left two from Sky Rangers Model Flyers, Kamloops, Canada. Right, a wrecked PZ F-27B Stryker.

A crashed rc airplane can make a great trophy!

Above: what you can do with the remains!

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